Nick Kurosawa + Ohtoro 'Univibes'


Nick Kurosawa and Ohtoro are back with their third full length album Univibes. Recorded in Honolulu, Univibes stands for "universal vibrations" where everyone, everywhere can share the same vibes of positive, inspiring music and art. The special color vinyl includes a digital download and sticker.

01. Fresh Air feat. Kelsea Armstrong
02. No Id Uh feat. Maryanne Ito & Gil Batangan
03. Answers feat. Gil Batangan
04. The Cave feat. Maxmo
05. Reasonate feat. Maryanne Ito, Izik, Gil Batangan and Nick Kaleikini
06. No Judges Us Local By Our Slippah feat. Rukka The Magnificent, Maryanne Ito & Gil Batangan
07. Lighthouse Point feat. Ethan Capone & Maxmo
08. Sugarmoon Son feat. Maryanne Ito, Gil Batangan & Nick Kaleikini
09. Uphill (Bonus Vinyl Only Song)

Produced by Kurohtoro
The Cave co-produced by Maxmo
Artwork by Kim Sielbeck
Mastered by Wes Osborne of Violet Lantern Mastering


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