Doctabarz - The Kings' Lessons Volume One CD



Limited Edition CD of The Kings' Lessons Volume One written by Doctabarz and produced by Ohtoro.

1. The Job
2. MetaCognition
3. Good Enough
4. Of Kings & Pigeons
5. The Return, Ch. 1
6. The Elders, Ch. 4
7. The Return, Ch. 2
8. The Gates, Ch. 1 with Maxmo & Neal Chin
9. The Return, Ch. 3
10. Ink-In-Bone with Super Groupers
11. Paele's Passage with Paniolo Prince & Punahele
12. The Sentinel

Lyrics by Doctabarz
MPC1000, Bass, Keys by Ohtoro
Bass on "The Gates, Ch. 1" by Maxmo
Ukulele on "The Gates, Ch. 1" by Neal Chin
Recorded at Beet Market Honolulu
Mastered by Wes Osborne at Violet Lantern Mastering
Cover art by Irene Jor
Kennylude (interlude) by Kenneth Cross

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