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Lovevol CD (Japanese Import)



The sophomore album of beat maker Ohtoro and singer Nick Kurosawa is a dabble into the faces of love and its ripples throughout ones life. Lovevol is a collaborated effort involving not only the duo but other heavies in Hawaii's music scene. Collaborators including Shing02, Maryanne Ito, Super Groupers, Cedric Clinton, Maxmo, Sans, Jonah Jaxon, Zachtoro, Illnomadic, Hamptorosawa and Gil Batangan.

Japanese import cd version comes with a free sticker.

01. No. One
02. 67 and Dreamy with Hamptorosawa
03. Right Timing
04. Kalamansi with Shing02 & Gil Batangan
05. Incubated
06. Ms. Conception with Maryanne Ito
07. Ultra Violet Starchild with Cedric Clinton, Jonah Jaxon, Sans, Illnomadic & Gil Batangan
08. Miss Twist
09. 2020karat with Zachtoro & Super Groupers
10. Haystack with Maxmo
11. Sneaky Waikiki (bonus song)

Produced and written by Kurohtoro (Nick Kurosawa & Ohtoro)
Recorded at Beet Market Honolulu 2019
Mastered by Wes Osborne at Violet Lantern Mastering
Photos by Mark Kushimi
Artwork by Shiro Ishihara
CD artwork by Spel Killz
CD pressed by Connect Records & SNEA

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