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Yonsei CD (Japanese Import)


Yonsei is a neo-soul album from singer/musician Nick Kurosawa and beat maker Ohtoro inspired by the experiences of Japanese-Americans in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Artwork by Shiro Ishihara of SNEA and CD released by Connect Records.

Produced by Ohtoro
Vocals, guitar by Nick Kurosawa
Additional production by Maxmo & Neal Chin on "Downhill"
Additional vocals by Drifton Limrik (fka Illis It)
Recorded at Beet Market Honolulu
Mastered by Wes Osborne at Violet Lantern Mastering


01. Intro (Culture)
02. Yonsei (Generation I & II)
03. Downhill with Maxmo & Neal Chin
04. So Called Theory with Drifton Limrik (fka Illis It)
05. Plantated
06. Tumult The Day
07. Yonsei (Generation III)
08. Woosley
09. Yonsei (Generation IV)

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