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Yonsei CD (Japanese Import)

  • Yonsei  CD (Japanese Import)
  • Yonsei  CD (Japanese Import)
  • Yonsei  CD (Japanese Import)

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Yonsei is a neo-soul album from singer/musician Nick Kurosawa and beat maker Ohtoro inspired by the experiences of Japanese-Americans in Hawaii and Los Angeles. Artwork by Shiro Ishihara of SNEA and CD released by Connect Records.

Produced by Ohtoro
Vocals, guitar by Nick Kurosawa
Additional production by Maxmo & Neal Chin on "Downhill"
Additional vocals by Illis It
Recorded at Beet Market Honolulu
Mastered by Wes Osborne at Violet Lantern Mastering


01. Intro (Culture)
02. Yonsei (Generation I & II)
03. Downhill with Maxmo & Neal Chin
04. So Called Theory with Illis It
05. Plantated
06. Tumult The Day
07. Yonsei (Generation III)
08. Woosley
09. Yonsei (Generation IV)